Nominated "Best New Artist" 2019 Steamtown Music Awards

Nominated "Best Cover Band" 2020 Steamtown Music Awards 


Nominated Jeff Symons "Best Guitarist" 2020 Steamtown Music Awards



Bad Liars has an extensive musical background. Some of the members have been playing and performing for twenty years. Evolving with the ever changing music scene, this group has plowed forward and formed an act that will have you dancing from the first song all the way to the end. Blending music genres from Rock, Hair Band, Pop Music, Disco and Country, there's is surely something for everyone. Each member has an impressive Resume of previous works including, Corruption, Exit Sixxx, Sammich Kings, Barcode, Guilty Pleasure, Stand Bac The Real Fleetwood Mac Tribute, High Fidelity. The proof is in their live performances - blending vocals and pure cheimstry on stage makes their show truly a fun experience. 



Bad Liars consists of the following members:

Jeff Symons - Lead Guitar & Lead/Backup Vocals

Al Evans - Bass Guitar & Lead/Backup Vocals

Kelly Lord - Keyboards, Hand Percussion, Harmonica, Lead/Backup Vocals

Dan Close - Drums & Lead/Backup Vocals

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